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·  What is the incentive for a cleaner?

It can be very difficult to attract and retain competent well motivated cleaning staff. The inherent reason for this are the low incentives offered in the industry, particularly for part time workers. How can a cleaning company encourage and motivate staff with low self esteem and low pay, working unsocial hours?

Firstly, Eagle make its staff fully aware that they are very important people. They are equally as important as our clients. Without them Eagle could not provide the very best in cleaning services. Without them some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK would not be sparkling clean. Our cleaners are told that they are not just cleaners, they are image enhancers for some of the UK's leading companies! This approach aims to boost the morale of our staff and raise their self esteem (and it works too!)

Other less psychological ways to incentivise cleaning staff are: attendance bonus schemes, provision of transport, good management support, increased benefits and better working conditions.

Offering an attendance bonus for working a complete fortnight without absence is a proven method within the industry for decreasing absence due to feigned sickness. This also increases motivation and morale within the team as consistent absence by one or more people will increase pressure and workload on the other members of the team.

Providing staff transport, particularly in remote areas can have a dramatic effect on recruitment and staff retention. The additional cost of provding transport can be offset against the cost of re-recruiting, re- training and covering absenteeism when staff retention is very low. Progressive customers will be aware of the benefits that staff transport can provide and should be willing to contribute to the expense.


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