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Eagle Facility Management Services Ltd can provide a complete one stop shop for all of your facilities maintenance and management.

Eagle Facility Service defines Facilities Management as:

"The Delegation of control of the Site Facilities to a Management Team, that can supply solutions to the Client in a pro-active manner”

The aim of the Eagle Facility is to efficiently manage people, with our Service Professionals, as instructed by our Clients.

The main benefits of Facility Management from Eagle Facility Management Services Ltd are

  • Client free to concentrate on core activities
  • Certainty of cost
  • Single source of supply
  • Lower support and administration costs
  • Flexible site based Manager
  • Quality audit trail

By using the services of the Eagle Facility, a professional Facilities Management Company, Clients benefit from our experience, skills and expertise.

Eagle has developed a quality scheme, which allows for the judgment of quality of work, performed against previously agreed targets.

The targets are agreed in conjunction with all staff, so that the site team is committed to achievable and quantifiable, quality standards.

Eagle Managers ensure that all work is performed in the most effective and efficient manner possible. By this means we can deliver the service your site requires following the maxim that has led to our success.

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