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Green Office Cleaning

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Could chemicals be minimised?



What are microfibre cloths?


A Technologically developed cloth that does not need chemicals.


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Welcome to the September 2008 issue of our newsletter. We hope that you find this issue interesting and informative. Visit our website for more, ideas and information about the service industry. eaglefm.co.uk Scanning time 20 seconds. If you don't have time to read this issue now – please do not print it out just read it later. 


We are becoming more aware as individuals and organizations of the need to minimize the adverse impact we have on our environment.

With chemical products, this means taking into account how materials are produced as well as the effects of their use and disposal. Eagle FM use materials from natural sources rather than synthetic or non-renewable petrochemicals. Careful formulation and blending is then employed to maximise performance while minimising undesirable or hazardous properties.

These materials come from readily available, renewable resources. The resulting products are biodegradable, low hazard and low toxicity with minimal potential for pollution


If you have not had the opportunity to discuss green cleaning you should telephone us today on 0870 241 6520 or e mail charrison@eaglefm.co.uk and we will arrange a visit.


Our HEPA filtration vacuums are approved to the highest allergen standard by the British Allergy Foundation, removing not only dirt but also microscopic particles, which improve indoor air quality.

How Microfibre Works


An ISO 9000:2001 Company

Having worked with The Carbon Neutral Company, we are working towards being carbon neutral, and operate an environmental policy to continue to reduce waste and emissions wherever possible. Our main environmental focus at the moment is alternative fuelled vehicles, to lessen the environmental impact of our essential travel.


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